If your questions are beyond the unthinkable, please reach us at ineedhelp@winya.app

What is Winya?

Winya is a live streaming app. With Winya you can stream your gameplay or your subreddit or just anything from your iPhone and iPad directly to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other popular streaming platforms. You can download Winya from the AppStore.

How do I sign in with twitch on the app?

  1.  Tap the “Twitch” button on the home screen of the app. 
  2.  In the presented webview, sign in with your Twitch credentials.  
  3.  After a successful sign in, you will be greeted with your twitch username, 
     and the “Start streaming” button will appear on the home screen. Happy Streaming! 

If you are still facing problems with signing in to Twitch, please write to us at ineedhelp@winya.app

How do I start a stream?

  1.  Tap the “Start streaming” button in the presented overlay. 
  2.  Now tap the “Start Broadcast” button to start the stream. 

Note: Everything on your screen, including notifications, will be streamed so we highly recommend you to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on your device before you start streaming.

There is no audio on my stream, what do I do?

Oops! You may have your device on Silent Mode.

For your stream to contain the device audio, please make sure your device is not on Silent Mode.

How do I Pause a stream?

  1.  Open Winya app in the middle of the stream.
  2.  Tap the “Pause” button to pause the stream.
  3.  Now the “Pause” button will change to “Resume”.
  4.  You can tap the “Resume” to resume the stream.

Your stream viewers will be displayed a message, which says, “Stream paused”.

How do I Stop a stream?

  1.  Open Winya app in the middle of the stream.
  2.  Tap the “Stop” button in the presented overlay. 
  3.  Now tap the “Stop Broadcast” button to start the stream. 

What is Winya+?

Winya+ is a paid subscription service from Winya, which offers more power packed features like multi-streaming, audio/video quality control and more that will take your streaming experience to the next level.

Winya+ has a wide variety of plans to choose from One Week to One Year plans. Features that come with all Winya+ plans are the same.

How much does Winya+ cost?

The pricing of Winya+ subscriptions varies with region. To know the exact subscription prices for your region please visit our AppStore page.

How do I upgrade to Winya+?

  1.  Download Winya on your device from the AppStore. (store link)  
  2.  In the Winya app, go to Settings.
  3.  If you are eligible for a free trial, you will see “Try Winya+”.