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How To Start Your Game Streaming Career With Winya

How To Start Your Game Streaming Career With Winya

Have you ever wondered 🤔 that “Is there a way to stream 📡 content from mobile 📱 devices?” A way that is not painful 🤕. A way that gets you going within seconds.

We had the same question in our minds 💭.

The AppStore didn’t need just another streaming app, it needed a better, uncomplex streaming app. And that is the sole reason as to why we brought Winya into existence.

Ever since the release of Winya, we are trying to make the mobile streaming experience as effortless as possible. We are tirelessly trying to establish these experiences by establishing the absolute basics in a tightly integrated system. In this current day and age, most of us are stuck at home. Wondering what’s next! Thinking about that job change, thinking about that college entrance, trying to be productive and creative. Some of you might be thinking about hopping into streaming your creative process and that is where we are trying to help you get started. We are building this streaming tool in good faith to help the creative community that is crazy and hungry for reaching greater heights.

Now follow the instructions carefully if you wanna stream at peace;

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Winya installed on your device.
  2. Sign in to the app with your Twitch account.
  3. Go fill up that water bottle of yours.
  4. Enable “Do Not Disturb” on your device. You don’t want your viewers to see those cringy notifications.
  5. Take a deep breath and a sip of water as well . It’s gonna be a long stream.
  6. Now tap on the “Start Streaming” button.
  7. Open up your favorite app and start showing the world how far you wanna go!

Remember to stay hydrated 🍼, always!

Please tweet us @winyabycfs if you ever find a mobile streaming application that lets you stream better than us at peace. It is always great to know there is someone better than us and demands more from us.

Eat.🍔 Sleep.💤 Stream.📡 Repeat.🔁